VFD development is currently halted until further notice.

We'll be back late 2019!

Visual Fire Development

Welcome to Visual Fire Development!

Visual Fire Development officially started August 14th, 2013, although it's believed that the company truly started approximately winter of 2012. The company went through several name changes, including "McraftMan00 Corporations," "McraftMan00 Productions," "Divergent Productions," "Visual Fire," and the most recent, "Visual Fire Development." The company was intended to be a YouTube production company, but quickly spread outwards.

Visual Fire Development is a software-based company which works with our community to figure out if changes should be made to any products, and how these changes should be implemented. Often times, this results in completely rebuilding the concept of a product from the ground up. The goal with every product is to provide the community with an easy-to-use experience while still providing a large amount of customizability, which sometimes cannot be done by modifying the original product. Many of our products are open-source, meaning that people can contribute to our work. They can also suggest modifications, add features, and report bugs.

If you're interested in supporting our company, one of the most helpful things you can do currently is review, share, and recommend our products. Since our company is such a small startup, it's difficult to find the funding to advertise, which means we have to rely on the word of the people. Also, if you'd like to really help us out, please feel free to donate! Hosting things is *not* free, and it allows us to get the education we need to be able to bring you awesome products.

What's this? Contributions?

Click on any of the links below to view projects we've contributed to.

Some of these may only include one small code modification.




ytdl-core m3u8stream discord.js