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Visual Fire Development is a software-focused company that works with our friends and community to improve the overall quality of products. Our goal is to provide the community an easy to use, slim experience while still allowing for a large amount of customizability. We want to work with our users to give them products that they will enjoy and recommend, as well as allowing users to modify our products as they see fit. We try our best to make our products open-source to allow communities and other developers to help us out and get in touch if they want to improve, suggest, or add features to our products. We try our best to get new experience linearly, instead of trying to learn everything at once. This means our company may experiment with different APIs and services available to us. The Discord API has been a wonderful starting point for Node.js and Audio compression and modification, which is why we've created bot-like entities in the past.

Working with our community is the most important thing we can do, which is why we've chosen Discord as the platform we want to have our community based on. Similar to Slack, it has all of the components to provide an easy way to organize and use information while still allowing for complex support sessions and general "let's have fun" conversations. Our company is really let-back, and may not seem the most professional at first glance. This allows us to act more as a 'lounge' instead of a 'company server'. In the appropriate times, though, the company makes decisions professionally and may make changes and rules that help keep things under control.

If you'd like to support our company, one of the biggest things you can do at the moment is share our stuff. Without people knowing about the company and what we do, we won't be able to grow at all! If you'd also like to support the company in another way, feel free to donate to see more projects from us! Now that you've read through everything on our home page, you should search around the rest of the website and see what things we have done!

Where's our stuff? How do you get anywhere around here?

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Visual Fire Developemnt officially started on Augest 14th, 2013, and unofficially started approximately winter of 2012. The company has undegone through several name changes, some of which incluing "McraftMan00 Corperations", "McraftMan00 Productions", "Divergent Productions", and the most recent, "Visual Fire". Visual Fire Development was intended to be a YouTube production community, but quickly spread outwards.

The first major breakthrough the company made was the creation of a Minecraft Modpack called Yogbox 2.0. This modpack brought in a major part of the community. It was unbelieveable how quickly the modpack grew. After this, the owner moved on to some Roblox development, and created a game called Mining Tycoon Remake. This brought in a small community, that didn't stay for very long.

Finally, the owner moved on to Discord, an online chat similar to Skype. Discord had these things called "bots", in which the user could code a bot to interact with other users on the platform. The owner is currently spread onto this, with the creations of Divibot, FM Radio, Discord Donuts, Slice, Base 16, and Skye. From here, the future of Visual Fire Development is looking towards a lot more complicated programming. The company's lifetime goal is to create an Operating System. Only time will tell.

Discord Bots

FM Radio

Discord Bots Discord Bots

FM Radio is a music bot that's intended to give you the most smooth experience with personalization, control, and more in your Discord guild. Based off of previous bots developed by FireController#1847, it's concept has been built upon for years and is intended to provide easy to use controls while still having the ability to customize the crap out of it.