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Improving the world one step at a time.

A Computer

A Software-Based Company

We're a software-based company which works with our community to figure out if changes should be made to any products, and how these changes should be implemented.

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Experience & Customizability

The goal with every product is to provide the community with an easy-to-use experience while still providing a large amount of customizability.


Open Source

Many of our products are open source, meaning that people can contribute to our work. They can also suggest modifications, add features, and report bugs.

Our Products


The ProtoLauncher is yet another Minecraft launcher that is intended to be a replacement for the vanilla launcher with all of the features you love from other launchers like Technic Launcher, ATLauncher and the Feed The Beast Launcher.

TuneIt DiscontinuedOffline

Also known as FM Radio, Pandora Radio, Discedia, Pandora Plus, and Pandora.

TuneIt is a music bot that's intended to give you the smoothest experience with personalization, control, and more in your Discord guild.

Yogbox 2.0
Yogbox 2.0 Unsupported

Yogbox 2.0 is a remake of the famous modpack called Yogbox. This modpack is aimed to keep the adventure / magical side of Yogbox, but also take some user suggestions.

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Really want to help us out? Please, review, share, and recommend our products! Since we're a small startup, the more people we can let know about our products the better!


Often times, we can find it difficult to afford to host the things we want to do. This keeps us from being able to make the products that you guys want! So please, donate!