Chief Officers

The leading officers of Visual Fire Development.

Administration Team

The people that make sure everything runs smoothly.

Custom Positions

Since Visual Fire Development is a subsidiary of another company, not everything here will be bound by strict rules. One of these things are our staff positions, and how they relate to the company. Below you'll find a general list of descriptions for what each position does.

These are not exact definitions, they are brief descriptions for the general public.

Chief Executive Officer

Obviously, this position takes on what a CEO normally does, being the owner of the company.

Chief Operating Officer

This position is like the CEO's partner in crime; they're the first person the CEO goes to to get advice on a decision, or even just a thought.

Chief Code Officer

The CCO's job is to manage all of the code that the user's don't see at first glance. This includes, in technical terms, deciding where code files should be placed, how the file layout should be, what they should be named, how the code will be laid out inside the files, what coding languages to use, etc.

Chief Discord Officer

The CDO's job is to manage the Discord. Everything about it. This includes moderation, role names, role layout, channel layout, channel names, and basically anything that has to do with the Discord. This position is the first place the staff report to if they can't solve a situation themselves.